New Repos and some Updates

With the new architecture that the project is adopting we’ve added a number of new repositories. Here is a quick rundown:



victims-cve-db is adding three new fields: package_urls, hash, file_hashes. package_urls will start out by accepting only web addresses for download locations. Eventually it will be expanded to also accept a valid package-url.

hash and files_hashes will be filled out by hashing service(s) after the file is merged into master. You can see some of the changes in this pull request.

Note that the new hash fields are not required as part of a pull request. They don’t need to be added as empty fields either. If the fields are filled out they will be replaced.


Reference Sync Client

There is a repo for a reference sync client that shows one way to sync content from the victims-cve-db to a local store. While this client may be expanded upon or even reused by other sync clients or scanners the primary purpose is to show a common way to keep a local store in sync with the remote data.

Victims Java Service

Jason Sheperd, the co-lead of the project, has done a wonderful job working on the Java hashing service. This service is intended to handle java archives, hashing the results, and providing back content to the caller. In our new architecture this will be used behind the scenes to update victims-cve-db entries with hash and file_hashes fields.

Victims Python Service

The victims-python-service implements the same interface as the victims-java-service but produces hashes for Python whls and eggs.

Victims Bot

victims-bot is the maintainer of the victims-cve-db workflow. When a pull request is merged into the master branch the bot will be notified. The bot then grabs the package and submits it to the right hashing service. Once the file is hashed the data is added to the entry and pushed directly back to master where clients can sync the data at their leisure.

Old Repos

Older repos, such as victims-web, will not be deleted. They will continue to live under the victms GitHub namespace for the time being. A note will be added to the repositories README file to note that development has halted on those repositories.